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Personal preference is critical when determining your retirement spot, but let's take a look at the 10 worst states in America for retirees, according to MoneyRates.

10. Alabama

Alabama ranks poorly in two categories: life expectancy and crime. The state is among the worst in the nation in terms of life expectancy at age 65. Meanwhile, its violent and property crime rates are in the top 10.

9. Michigan

Michigan appears to be an ideal state considering that the size and growth rate of its senior population are above the national averages. However, the state ranks below average in every other category, especially with economic factors.

8. (tie) New York

New York along with two other states tied for eighth place. While some might assume New York suffers from high crime rates, the state actually has the lowest rate of property crime per capita in the nation. Nonetheless, the climate ranks poorly, and economic factors such as high cost of living and high property taxes make it less than ideal for retirement.

8. (tie) Maryland

Maryland ranks poorly in economic factors due to a high cost of living that can deplete modest incomes and retirement accounts. The state also has more crime than the national average, while its senior population is smaller than average.

8. (tie) Georgia

Georgia is the third state in the three-way tie. Georgia ranks very well for its climate, but is well below average in every other category, which is enough to put it in the bottom 10 overall.

5. Nevada

Nevada is the fifth worst state in America for retirement. Violent crime per capita in Nevada is the second worst of any state, which is enough to make crime the state's biggest problem in the study. Also, Nevada's economy has been struggling for several years, and life expectancy for older residents is well below the national median.

4. Illinois

A combination of a weak labor market and high property taxes place Illinois as the fourth worst state in the nation for retirement. It may seem unusual to include labor conditions in a retirement ranking, but MoneyRates notes that more retirees are working part-time jobs these days. Illinois' proportion of older people in its population is well below the national average.

3. Tennessee

Tennessee ranks poorly due to high crime and low life expectancy. The state has the highest incidence per capita of violent crime in the country, and finds itself among the worst 10 for property crime as well. Furthermore, Tennessee has a bottom-10 ranking for senior life expectancy.

2. Louisiana

Louisiana has one of the smallest senior populations in the country due to a variety of issues. Crime is a big problem in Louisiana, and the life expectancy at age 65 is relatively low. The state's climate helps save it from being the worst spot in the country for retirement.

1. Alaska

Unsurprisingly, Alaska ranks as the worst state in America for retirement. It has the worst-rated weather in the nation, along with a bottom-10 ranking for its economic factors. Alaska has a high cost of living and a weak labor market. In fact, Alaska ranks below average in every category in the study, and has the lowest proportion of people ages 65-and-older of any state. In short, it takes a very unique retiree to find Alaska as the best option.

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