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Keith Brownmiller

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One of the best kept secrets is the 29 Palms Pistol and Rifle Club activities. The club is located about 5 miles east of 29 Palms off Hey 62.

The first Saturday is the big bore match with distances out to about 600 yards.
The second Saturday is 22 cal rifles and pistols, 40 rounds per weapon plus additional challenges.
The third Saturday is a 3 gun match.

Our 2014 Top Gun came out this past Saturday to join the local DAV members in a family 22 fun shoot.

Pictures are pending at this time, but I would like to share two things, one, I happened to find a Marine (retired officer) that was on the, wait for it, the USA Tarawa on the 79 West Pac. He was part of 2/3. We are going to push on getting him to the reunion, and 2 I think he might give Steve a run for the Top Gun title.

The Gunny
Steve Stanfill

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Gunny, if Rocky shows up, I'm going into Top Gun Retirement IMMEDIATELY!!  HAHAHAHA.  But I do admire his skill.  His shooting is very accurate, and was lightning fast on the Speed round.  I can't wait for the next time up there.  I'm going to ask if I can use his S&W 422.  I wanted the 622 but they were out of stock everywhere when I was looking way back when.  We talked about that.
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