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An Arizona State Patrolman pulls over a guy on a Harley for speeding.
"What's your name, Bud?"
"Last name?"
"Just Fred"
The Patrolman figures the guy for some kind of nutcase, but figures, what the heck, it's been a slow day, so he'll hear his story.
"What do you mean, just Fred?"
"Well, my name used to be Fred Johnson, but I got out of the Army and decided to go to school and become a Doctor. I worked real hard and became Fred Johnson, M.D."
"Uh-huh," the Patrolman says.
The I got bored of being just a Doctor and went to Dentistry school and became Dr. Fred Johnson, M.D., DDS."
"Then I got to fooling around with my dental assistant and caught VD."
"Yeah. The ADA found out and took my Dental license and I was back to being Fred Johnson, M.D." "That's tough, man"
"Yeah, then the AMA found out I had VD and they took my medical license, and then I was just Fred Johnson."
"Yeah. Then the VD took my Johnson, so now I'm just Fred."


The Gunny
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