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Johnny Jarriel has gone from an unemployed, dejected convenience store manager to a cult hero who is in demand by everyone from television news crews, radio talk shows and gun rights activists.

After the Sentinel broke news of his firing from the Circle K store at 5785 West Stewart’s Mill Road after he thwarted a robbery by shooting at the suspect with his own gun, Jarriel said he is overwhelmed with the reaction.

"I never knew one little story in the local newspaper could lead to all this," Jarriel said. "I have had calls from every Atlanta television station, networks, I was on the National Rifle Association's Internet radio show, National Public Radio and I can't remember who all else. I have had people stop me on the street, where I have gone to eat who saw it and said they are pulling for me. It really means a lot that so many people are supporting me."

Jarriel has a state permit to carry a concealed weapon. He said that before he used the gun to shoot three times at a crazed gunman who was robbing the store, his manager knew he carried the gun at work and never said a word. Now that he had to use it to try to protect himself as well as another employee and two customers, he finds himself unemployed after more than three years on the job at Circle K.

Read more: Support and attention mounts for fired store clerk who used gun to stop robbery http://www.douglascountysentinel.com...a4bcf6878.html

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