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Apple has recently begun offering iTunes credit to customers who purchased both a new iOS device and iPhoto, iMovie, or the iWork suite of apps after September 1. For those of you who didn’t know, on September 10, Apple announced that the aforementioned apps would be free to customers purchasing an eligible iOS device. At this time, some users had purchased eligible devices earlier in the month and then gone on to buy one or more of Apple’s productivity or creativity apps. Now, the Cupertino California company is sending out notifications to those customers that they are eligible for an iTunes credit in the value of the total cost of the apps they purchased. 
This iTunes credit can be used toward the purchase of any content in the iTunes Store be it an app, an iBook, or music. Pages, Numbers and Keynote all sell for $10 in the App Store while Apple’s iMovie and iPhoto sell for $5 each. Due to Apple’s pricing change, customers buying a new iPhone, iPod or iPad are now receiving $40 in free software. In the case of the iWork suite, users now have a relatively platform agnostic solution as the productivity suite works on desktop and notebook browsers as well as on iOS devices thanks to Apple’s release of iWork for iCloud.
Source: MacRumors

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