Rick Holly
Can you identify what is going on? Click image for larger version - Name: image.jpg, Views: 30, Size: 89.55 KB
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It is at a ship yard ,getting repair or  refitted 

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sitting next to the essex , guessing after 1992.. what year did lbns shut down?

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Is that Longbeach shipyard?
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Keith Brownmiller
Puzzling picture, especially to us Jarheads. Then if there's a place to kill the enemy in and among the ships, bring it on.

For the new guys like Carguy 1965, I am one of the few Marines active with anything Tarawa. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
The Gunny
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John Green
Looks like a super carrier in dry dock and what's that light source coming from the Tarawa's port side?
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