Keith Brownmiller
Don't know about the VAMC in your area, but at the VAMC Loma Linda, Ca, every year around Valentines Day, the DAV Chapters surrounding the hospital, make it their mission to brighten the lives of the inpatients.

We give each patient, fruit, juice, cookies, coupon books to purchase things in the canteen store and Valentine Cards made by local elementary school kids.

We have found that some inpatients whose families live close by, never come to visit. A truly saddening commentary of today's family.

Yesterday, one of the patients we got to spend some time with was flying B-52s during Korea. He was suffering from stage 4 cancer. He had been in a home hospice program before being transfered to Loma Linda. The saddening part of his story was that his wife of many decades, had been trying to care for him, while fighting dementia.

Another veteran, there had just lost his wife of over 43 years.

Yet in every case our visit, gave them a brief moment knowing that their Brothers in Arms were there for them.

What do you do in your local areas?
The Gunny
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Rick Holly
God bless you and Jo.
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