here is a question, how many people got out of the navy and entered the work force doing the job the navy trained you to do?.

I was a en ,  as part of" a gang ", we did small engines, marine engines , large diesel generators, elevators,  bla bla bla ,,,   when i got out , i went to every diesel shop i could find,  couldnt get a job to save my life,, diddnt have real world, or civilian world experience....  

did your training transfer to the real world ?
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AZ1 Leo Shults, AIMD 1983
I was an AZ, a yoman for airplanes. No one wanted me for that either, but, the skills helped me get clerical jobs and also helped me become a programmer.
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Rick Holly
No, the OS rate did not help me teach 6th graders, but it did help me teach computer science at the University of Dayton and Edison State College.
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