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Roger Goodell said Tuesday that the NFL's competition committee will make it a priority to examine an expanded playoff field in 2014 with two teams possibly added to the postseason field by the 2015 season.


The commissioner commented at the league's owners meetings in Washington in conjunction with thoughts on reducing the number of preseason games.


How do we continue to make sure the regular-season games are incredibly important each week, but also, how can we create more interest, and does expanding the postseason allow other teams to get into the dance with the potential of going on and winning the Super Bowl?" Goodell said. "That is a good thing for fans. It is a good thing competitively.


"What has happened is our league is so competitive right now. The games are so close that it is realistic to think that a team can have a great second half, get into the playoffs and win the Super Bowl. We have seen it."


Goodell said "there is a lot to be done" before the NFL can expand the postseason. 


"First, we have to make the recommendation. It would probably be the 2015 season because there are a lot of scheduling issues in the spring of next year," he said. "I don't think we have everything resolved, including talking to the NFLPA and making sure that is done the right way."

He said he didn't think expanding the playoff field would mean the Super Bowl would have to be played in mid-February.


"What we're talking about is adding two teams. So you might have three games on the first weekend, and this is probably more of the issues that need to be addressed.

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