Keith Brownmiller
The rules to this contest are simple. The shipmate that completes the following tasks:

1. Post a photo of the rifle
2. Post the caliber of the weapon
3. Post the specs, to include, length of barrel, type of stock,
4. Why you believe it is one of the top ten lever action rifle

The shipmate to provide the most correct answers first will win the contest. Make sure you post your name, date and time of post. I will adjust for time zones.

If you believe that a particular lever action rifle is not on the list, you may enter the above required information for the rifle and include some basic facts to make your case.

Below according to some experts are the top TEN lever action rifles of all times.

Here is your list.

Browning BLR

1860 Henry Rifle

Marlin 336

Marlin 1895/444

Ruger 96/44

Savage Model 99

Winchester Model 73

Winchester Model 88

Winchester Model 92

Winchester Model 94

The contest starts on Sunday 11/16/14 at noon and will end on Sunday 11/23/14 at noon. Once the contest ends and the winner announced. The winner will receive an award and will be required to post a photo of it in action within 1 week of receipt.

Good Luck to My Shipmates
The Gunny
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