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Two weeks ago, I was in my back yard raking leaves. I must have dumped 10 loads of leaves in a large yard cart in the back. We have a fox den with three holes for them to escape in our backyard. They are beautiful creatures to watch. As I was getting ready to dump another load of leaves, a baby fox came out from under ground. He stood there and looked at me for 30 seconds. I believe I was the first human he ever saw. His fur looked like feathers. They were white, gray, and brown.Then he went back under ground. I saw rabbit fur around a hole. As I got closer to my home, I could hear him yelping for his mother. He must have been hungry and scared. As I got thinking about it, I believe that was a coyote pup. I think the coyote's mom and dad either chase the fox family away or killed them and took over their borough underground. We do have coyotes in our neighborhood. You can hear them yelping at night. They sound like a bunch of kids from a distance. I know they love small dogs and cats. We have a cat. He was a wildcat who came out of the woods and now lives with us. I've told him many times when the coyotes come, climb a tree and stay there.

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