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Can anyone recommend a gun safe to store several pistols and maybe one rifle? I wonder if it's better if you have a contractor come into your home and install one in the wall panels where it cannot be seen? Is it always good to bolt them from the floor? Click image for larger version - Name: image.jpg, Views: 9, Size: 26.12 KB
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i use a small safe with a keypad. probably only spent 50.00 on it.   here are a few things to remember .  make sure the keypad lights up, mine does not and i regret getting one that did not.  the one i had worked fine until i purchased another gun, (and you will ) . now both my guns will fit , but 3 clips for each and its a really tight fit.  plus no room for extra ammo...   holsters etc... so now i have crap here and there..

   i have kids in my house so i keep everything locked up tight , i refuse to be that one gun who diddnt and have some kind of accident in my house ( my wife doesnt even have the code)  but location and ease of access can be tricky.. if you put it in the wall in the closet , behind a picture , etc....  how long will it take you to get to it?   i would time yourself, see how long it takes to get out of bed, how quietly you can get the closet door open, type the code and get the gun out....    hiding it so it cant be stolen works great to keep it hidden but a pain in the &^** to get to it in a hurry......   i keep mine next to the bed on a night stand.   if it gets stolen i can report it to the police and that is that .. i will need to file a insurance claim on other things too i'm sure .   

we had a neighbor where i used to live who had his guns stolen,,, he was a sherriff's officer . when they caught the guy they asked why his house , and he said because he knew he would have guns...   moral of the story ,  dont tell people you have them ....  

i would get the biggest damn safe you can afford ... you can put other stuff like gold , wills , pass ports in it too...    make sure you can get to it easily, and make sure you can get it open in the dark.... as for bolting it down.....  if you get a big one, you wont need to !


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