Rick Holly
1.) In the Topic subject: Type your subject.

2.) In the Message: Type your message in the body of the post.

3.) There are two ways to post pictures or other attachments. Valid file attachments are: bmp, doc, docx, gif, jpe, jpeg, jpg, pdf, png, rtf, txt, and zip. There is a 100 kb file size limitation.
A.) If the photo you want to post is on your computer, click on the Use Full Editor yellow button or the More Reply Options yellow button at the bottom of the box in which you are entering your post. Then click browse to select the file on your computer.
B.) If the photo you want to attach is on the Internet, right-click on the photo and COPY the image's URL in properties. Come back to your post and right-click/PASTE the URL into your post. Highlight that URL and click on the chainlink icon at the top of the box in which you are entering your post. (If the person who uploaded the picture you selected on the Internet decides to remove it, your image will be gone, too. I always download the image to my computer, then I upload it from my computer.)
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