Rick Holly

How to Chat

1.) You have to be logged in to your account to use Chat.

2.) Click on the white Chat link at the top of the menu bar above. (Don't Use the Chat feature at the bottom right when going to a chat room.)

3.) You will enter into the Lobby of the Chat Rooms (Channels).

4.) Select the Chat Room (Channel) you want to enter. If you are meeting friends for a closed/private chat session, you must know the password to enter. The person who makes the closed/private chat room makes the password and tells you. (This is why you should check the checkbox Receive Private Messages in your Control Panel. They can PM you the password.) This is nice if you don't want the entire forum to be a part of your private conversations.

5.) There is a limit of 100 users at a time. (Just like the berthing spaces on Tarawa but without the smells and noises.) Get there early, don't be the 101st person there!

6.) Have Fun!

Note: You must have Java installed on your computer to use the Chat feature.

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