Rick Holly
(Use the Full Editor button when you are on a computer.)
1. Click New Topic.

2. Copy (or write) the title of the article you want to post and paste it in the Title Area of the new topic.
2. If there is a picture you want in the article on the Internet, download the picture to your computer. You can right-click on the picture and save it to your desktop or download folder. If the picture is wider than 500 pixels, change it to 300 to 500 pixels in width with an art program. Pictures larger than 500 pixels are too large for a forum's posting area.
3. Go back to the article on the Internet and copy the text in the article. Then paste the copied text in the body of the new topic.
4. If there is a picture you downloaded to your computer, upload it in the Full Editor by clicking on the Attach Files link and insert it anywhere in the body of the post.
5. To save your New Topic, click on the Post New Topic button. After you do that a few times, you will become a pro!
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