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Keith Brownmiller

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Moderator, Tarawalha
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Hey Shipmates

To make this as exciting as possible yet making sure everything goes smoothly, here is some helpful info:

1. This years competition will be PISTOL only. The guys will be shooting the M1911, service pistol most of us used. The gals will probably shoot a 9mm Glock.

2. The cost will be $30.00 per person. The money goes to the range to cover weapon rental, ammo and facilities.

3. Awards will be given to both guys and gals.

So if you haven't started your practice/prep for the competition, your local range awaits.

We are asking that those of you that haven't indicated if you are going to join us, or have changed your mind, please let either Rick or I know.

So who is going to claim the title of Tarawa Top Gun!!!!!!!

The Gunny
Rick Holly

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Colt Navy M1911, service pistol

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