Keith Brownmiller
Police in Oregon have been training in the harsh weather to do something very scary. They have been training to kill Americans at routine traffic stops.

The reason for this training exercise is said to improve their response time in freezing weather conditions. They also use these situations to emulate real-life scenarios. These scenarios include both entering buildings and approaching cars with their guns drawn to increase speed in the cold conditions.

According to the report by KDRV, ““Both building and traffic stop scenarios were among the exercises and officers said the training gives them valuable experience,”.

However, some fear these are not just used to train police in cold weather but rather it’s affirmation of America turning into a police state.

We have seen many police departments became much more militarized as they have received training and equipment from our Department of Homeland Security.

There has been an increase in police harassment at routine traffic stops this past year and we can only expect things to get worse as more and more extreme training is administered to cops.

If you any reports of this please contact me.
The Gunny
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