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A command investigation has determined that a chief-selectee who spoonfed an E-9 during chiefs season training on the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson was not subjected to hazing.

The E-6 fed the master chief shrimp on a fork and poured a beverage down his throat in the chief’s mess on Aug. 31, an incident witnessed by others in the mess, where the chief selectees were training.

A command inquiry has found that the selectee volunteered to feed the master chief as a joke and that the incident was not hazing and was in keeping with the official guidance for conducting Chief Petty Officer 365 Phase II training, the weekslong rite of passage before a selectee can wear their anchors.

“The incident was handled at the appropriate level and no further action is required,” according to an official report of the incident, obtained by Navy Times.

Nonetheless, the Vinson secured all remaining chief season events in the wake of the incident, the first to emerge this season as the kind of shenanigans and mistreatment that Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (AW/NAC) Mike Stevens has been trying to stamp out.

One chief who witnessed the hand-feeding said it was “demeaning” and a violation of chief season rules under CPO 365.

“The incident happened during the selectees service to the mess. Feeding one of [the] master chiefs is absolutely not on the list of services that they provided,” said the chief, who asked to remain anonymous out of concern for his career, in an email. “In what shape or form does feeding a master chief conform to CPO 365 training?”

To become a Shellback, you are handed a piece of paper! The old tradition that many of us had the pleasure of experiencing has been deemed hazing. Now the right of passageto become a Chief is under the chopping block.

What is next? These traditions be they Navy or Marine Corps are fast becoming history.

Why is this loss of tradition being accepted by the rank and file of the Armed Forces?
The Gunny
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because with out traditions .  Anything the left wants can be right no matter watch it is.
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