Bigdaddy dale
Question, how do you see the first 3 picks going? I think that it will be
2. Parker
3. Embide
 The other question is which team will each go to? Do the Sixers move up from 3? does another team other than the Sixers move up? thoughts, comments, or wisecracks
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Rick Holly
About your picks...

1. Wiggens (I don't think he is capable of being a leader like LeBron James. He certainly does not have the "put your boot on your victim's throat player that James has.)
2. Parker (He will be the second pick.)
3. Embide (I would not be surprised if he slides down.)

No wisecracks here, but I am interested in LeBron James' new team. I wonder if he will go back to Cleveland? I don't think he likes the NEW coach there, and I don't think there are enough players there to win it all next year, even if Cleveland got Carmelo! That would simply not be enough to get Cleveland in the finals.

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