Keith Brownmiller
Has anyone recently shot any fill or modified silhouette match with either air rifle, small bore, big bore or handgun?

If you have, would you like to shoot some at our upcoming renion?
The Gunny
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Steve Stanfill
Not since the 29 Palms match, but I will again at a drop of the hat.  I'd love to do it with my Kimber.  And since it is such a nice weapon to fire, I'd let others use it.  But then we will all tie for First Place.  Hmm.... maybe not a good idea....  But I'd love to do it using my Remington 40X. 

And yes, I still look at the air rifles.  And drool.  And wonder how mad Cris will be if I get a $4,000 air rifle  [smile]

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