Keith Brownmiller
How many of you have shot a smallbore silhouette match? The match is designed to shoot metal silhouettes at 40, 60, 77 and 100 yards. The match consists of 40 rounds of 22LR with 10 rounds of chickens at 40 yards, pigs at 60, turkeys at 77 and rams at 100.

You must shoot the silhouettes in sequence to score. A hit out of sequence counts as a miss. You must load each round manually during the timed sequence of 150 seconds.

With a maximum score of 40, last weekend armed with my trusty lever action Henry 22, I went up against members of the Combat Center Rifle Team.

How do you think I fared? What score do you think won the match?

If the follow the link below and then download the PDF you will see the actual size of the silhouettes we shot at.

Having shoot this style match, it has given me some awesome thoughts for our Top Gun Competition at our upcoming 2016 reunion.

The Gunny
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Rick Holly
That sounds like a lot of fun. The outside gun range I belong to does not allow silhouette (metal) shooting. We have to use paper targets. I am jealous you can do that!
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