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Popular smartphone case manufacturing company Otterbox has introduced a new case for their iPhone consumers dubbed the Commuter Series Wallet.

As the name implies, this is another one of those iPhone cases and wallets in one... but since it's Otterbox, you know you're getting just about top notch in protection. The Commuter Series Wallet case lets you protect your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S, and also hold up to three credit cards, and a dollar bill of your choice, in the same package for the convenience of travel.

Otterbox notes that this case offers multi-layer guards to protect your iPhone from drops and falls, and a screen protector to keep help in keeping your display in pristine shape. 

The drawer used for credit cards and cash will give you a “click” when you open or close it, so that you know when the drawer has been fully opened or closed. This small feedback will let you know that all of your case's contents aren't going to fall out on you.

You can check out Otterbox's Commuter Wallet Series case video below:

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