Rick Holly

 Poll: Do You Wear a Helmet on a Motorcycle? votes

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Poll: Do You Wear a Helmet on a Motorcycle?
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Rick Holly
I voted YES, however I don't ride motorcycles. I do wear my bicycle helmet when riding. I have seen many motorcyclists on major interstate highways going over 80 MPH not wearing a helmet. 

This is the helmet I would wear. It just looks cool!


BUTT Officier, I'm wearing my helmet!
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Billy Sample
I do wear a helment. I'm all for the freedom of wearing or not wearing. For me I just prefer to wear one.
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Totally agree with Bill,,,,,,, freedom of choice and all ,,,,, but my choice is to wear one.
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Mike Arnold
Never ride without all my gear - takes too long to heal at my age!
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Keith Brownmiller
Don't ride, but have worn them when I rode with others down on I10.
The Gunny
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glad to hear everyone is wearing or would wear a helmet. i worked for a hospital and fire station in nh and vermont.  Nobody likes someone telling them what they can and cannot do, or what or what not to wear. But ,I do know those helmets save lives..   What about the millitary regs?. i remember something back when i was in , that if you got killed not wearing your seat belt your 50,000 life insurance policy was'nt payed out...   does the millitary say anything about helmets/seat bets??
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Yes and leather
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