John Green
Most people never meet their Heroes........I Raised Mine. [smile]
He's now in Pensacola, Fl. attending CTN 'A' School, then 'C' school.


No NDA required here.........LOL!


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AZ1 Leo Shults, AIMD 1983

Just cant get used to the new uniforms.  Sailors should not look like Marines or, GOD forbid, Soldiers.

When I joined, we were issues suits (I hated them).  But, we had the Black shirt and pants, white shirt and black pants and white shirt and pants uniforms that were great.  And of course dungaree's.  Don't get me started on the billed hats.

By the time I got out, the suits were being phased out, crackerjacks were back and sailors looked like sailors.
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John Green
Thank You

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Rick Holly
Great looking son, John. I don't know what to think about the new uniforms?
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