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Keith Brownmiller

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In November 1943, destiny brought a young Marine to an almost forgotten Pacific island. That encounter forever encased Ray Wilburn and the Battle of Tarawa together.

A veteran of three wars, WWII, Korea and Viet Nam.

Forward to 2015, Ray Wilburn is a retired SgtMaj who turns 96 tomorrow!

While recovering from a recent fall resulting in a broken neck, he is now focused on our reunion as our Guest of Honor. Starting in August I will be starting a video and audio interview with our Guest of Honor.
So stand by.

Now I ask you. Think about your "I love me" wall in your man cave. What is missing? We all suffer from the same problem. That being a picture that ties our love of the Tarawa with a person who fought in the battle from which our ship is named.

Imagine a picture of you with SgtMaj in full Dress Blues.

How many of you would want a special photo of you with SgtMaj Ray Wilburn taken at reunion?

Count me in.

Now sound off!

The Gunny
Danny White

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I look forward to it!
Rick Holly

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My mother went through a Nazi Concentration Camp then while in America carrying me, she, too, broke her neck. Ray and my mother are two tough people!
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