Rick Holly

PRECOMM to 1979 - Rich Kondracki - Today we gather to say goodbye to the greatest man I have ever known, my husband of almost 29 years, best friend, my knight in shining armor Richard Kondracki.

Rich was born Sept. 26, 1957.  He was  the ideal man, the best husband and father anyone could have ever wished for. He was strong, hard working, full of compassion and love for those dearest to his heart, but most of all his family, we were his world. Rich was a man of few words, but many deep emotions, like a well-worn book, some pages wide open for world to read, others stuck together with the glue of time.  Sometimes he wouldn't have to say a word, but you always knew what he was feeling, especially when his deep hazel eyes sparkled and his laugh lines popped out around the corners of his infectious smile, the sign that he was truly happy in that moment, could not be prouder or more in love. Rich had a deep love for gardening, fishing, shooting squirrels, Busch beer and then and naps behind the shed where he thought no one could find him and the Navy. He would share stories about his experiences on the ship, about  baby Grace born on the ship, his journeys to foreign countries and the wild and crazy nights with Dennis O'Keefe and his other Navy brothers. Over the years Susan our daughter had thought that her dad had few friends because she and I were his world, but she was proud to say she was wrong. Through these trying times taught her that you didn't have to speak or see your friends everyday to know who truly cares. Over the 7 weeks that Rich was ill she got to meet some amazing people that made up the other parts of Rich's life and saw how he beamed from those hazel eyes every time someone would walk through the door or called. In the end everything happened so quickly and its hard to understand I am still in shock, but to know that in Rich's 54 short years of life, he had accomplished all of his dreams. On May 23, 2012 Rich was called home to God, and even though he is not here in this world he will always be in our hearts, memories.  Please toast to Rich for I know that he will be there in spirit. Love to all, Debbie
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