why on earth would we let them get so close ??


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Rick Holly
That was close.
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Charles R. Petrach
Did aircontrol did several interception both as ships company and as staff with tacron 12, of there Russian bear.
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AZ1 Leo Shults, AIMD 1983
In international waters (and airspace) there is really nothing you can do except prepare for something to go wrong.

In bear intercepts, fighters can move them by getting close to one side or the other, but if there is a collision, the fighters would be in the wrong.

On my first deployment (USS Coral Sea - CV-43), we had a Russian Corvette pull along the starboard side as if we were going to refuel him.  Problem was, we were in the middle of flight ops.  One of the DD screens came in to push him out, and that corvette kicked it in the butt, took off like a shot and cut across our bow.  The bridge thought we'd hit him and sounded collision.

If I remember right, on the Tarawa 83 cruise, we had a Russian Missile Frigate pass us in the IO so close you could see the hinges on the hatches.  
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John Green
I remember Capt. Newman giving warnings to this Russian vessel for being too close to us during WESTPAC '86. They backed off without hesitation.

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Jason Gietter
We had a couple incidents with small boats in the Gulf in 2003. All warnings and they backed off, but it was close to us opening fire.
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