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Keith Brownmiller

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I have borrowed these thought provoking words from our shipmates Doc Richard Reed.

The Word says you will reap what you have sown in due season. Why is it we get angry when we have to reap our harvest. In the natural if you plant corn, you won't grow beans, the seed determines what will grow, you''ll harvest corn. It is the same way spiritually, how can you reap seeds of faith, if you always sow seeds of doubt. Or how can you harvest good, if you sow evil? We must understand, what we do effects every aspect of our Christian lives. Don't stay angry, don't give the devil a chance. Get rid of all bitterness, anger. No more shouting or insults, no hateful feelings. Instead be kind and tender hearted to one another. Forgive one another. Love one another. Be as Christ like as a Christian can be. Just a thought. GBY.

The Gunny
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