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A friend just checked rates for the Lyndhurst, NJ area. Every Marriott within a 50 mile radius is charging $500-1000/night, depending on the distance and how "fancy" it is, and all of them are prepaid rates.


Except one, and there's a pretty big "catch".


Approx 40 miles SW of the Meadowlands in Princeton NJ (roughly halfway between Philly/Trenton and NYC), the Residence Inn Princeton-South Brunswick hotel (4225 US Highway 1 P.O. Box 8388 · Princeton, NJ 08543 USA) has rooms for $119 that do NOT require prepayment. Unfortunately for most, the rate is only valid for federal employees and active duty military.


SO... if you're a federal employee or are serving in the military, you can book as many as TWO rooms for the $119 rate.  It can be cancelled as late as 4pm on Friday 1/31/14 without penalty.  If you're not, but know someone who is and who woudln't mind a free weeked in New Jersey, get them to book the room for you and TAKE THEM WITH YOU.  The flexibility of cancelling plus the room being only 1/4 the cost of other rooms means you're still ahead cash-wise.


Here's the link to the property:



I would STRONGLY recommend defensively booking a room now. :)

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