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The whole 3-D printer debate has just been taken to an entirely new level, as a company in Texas announced Friday it has made a metal gun from the equipment, a first for the technology.

Solid Concepts , a manufacturer of specialty items, posted a claim on its company blog that it successfully fired more than 50 rounds from the handgun it created, CNN reported.

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The blog said the printed device was accurate, hitting the center of a target several times from ranges of 30 yards.

The printed pistol is a replica of an M1911, a weapon that was widely used between 1899 and 1902, during the Philippine-American War, the company said. It was constructed from 33 different metal parts; its handle is carbon-fiber, carved by laser, CNN said.

“The 3-D printed metal gun proves that 3-D printing isn’t just making trinkets and Yoda heads,” the company said in its blog.

Still, we’re not talking readily accessible, Walmart-sold printers here. As the company said: “This is not about desktop 3-D printers,” CNN reported.

“The industrial printer we used costs more than my college tuition (and I went to a private university),” said Alyssa Parkinson, a company spokeswoman, on the blog. “And the engineers who run our machines are top of the line; they are experts who know what they’re doing and understand 3-D printing better than anyone in this business.”

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Rick Holly
That is incredible. It shows what American capitalism can do. 
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