Rick Holly

The Future of Firearms Starts Now.

Imagine yourself behind a rifle so advanced the military didn't predict the technology would exist for 7 more years. TrackingPoint smart rifles increase effective range, maximize accuracy, and almost entirely eliminate the possibility of errant shots. We've combined our technological innovations with the best hardware in the American gun industry has to offer, fusing our integrated trigger and groundbreaking scope system with .338 Lapua and .300 Win Mag Surgeon Rifles and custom-built ammunition by Barnes to create a firing system unparalleled in the world today.

TrackingPoint: We'll Do the Math.

Range, Drop, Magnus Effect, Spin Drift, Coriolis Effect, Cant, Inclination, Wind (manual input), Pressure, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Adaptive Lifecycle ballistics, Muzzle Velocity, Barrel Length & Twist, Lock Time, Ballistic Coefficient, Drag Coefficient...

TrackingPoint Smart Rifles handle it all.

At 1000 yards, these factors lead to even military trained snipers having 5% or less First Shot Success Probability. TrackingPoint can bring even a new user above 50%, and take an expert to levels of long range accuracy they never imagined.

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Keith Brownmiller
Nice thought, but runs about $30,000 per.
The Gunny
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Rick Holly
$30,000! Never mind!
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