so they is time of year always reminds me of the time i was almost scammed at "A" school out side of great lakes.  does anyone remembers the old camera shops, and shady deal shops outside the gates of the base  ?

one day a me and my buddy were approached by a couple of really hot girls, who told us if we could guess the missing lyrics in the song " deck the halls with ????????  of holly " we would win some stinking gift.  we wound up spending 20 minutes debating the correct answer with them, then following them into a shop , only to find out it was some scam deal....  lucky to say we diddnt sign any contracts or get caught up in any scam.    but i know quite a few guys came back to the base with over priced cameras , free film (you only pay for developing )deals, and so on...

do you guys remember the shops?  anyone want to admit to getting scammed or tell a story about someone you know getting screwed?

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Keith Brownmiller
Unfortunately, you find those type of places outside every military base. Which is those places if the base commander is doing his job, they are put off limits. Many of them once out off limits, move on to another area and try again.
The Gunny
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Rick Holly
I remember all the used car lots in San Diego. As you walk by, the salesmen would constantly clamber calling you over for this great deal. I even remember the star of Gilligan's Island, Barney Fife, pitching cars.
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