Keith Brownmiller
For those of you heading to Vegas for reunion, I want to ask our Lord and Saviour to watch over each of you and your families as you head to reunion. For those dealing with health issues, may our Lord and Saviour grant you his healing peace and give you strength to move forward. For those that can't make reunion this year, we pray you will join us in 2018 to make lasting friendships.

Most of all, we all fought in our own ways for this great country, we pray that should our country need us one more time, that you answer that call. So let's pray our country gets back on the path that God has put us on.
The Gunny
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Rick Holly
Amen. Thank you. May well all have a safe trip to Las Vegas and back home.
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Charles R. Petrach
Let us remember the officers in Dallas and there family's
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