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The VA Hospital has refused to deliver Christmas Cards made by school children to the vets in the hospital because they included the phrases "Merry Christmas" and "God Bless You".

When I uncovered this from a note received from another veteran, first I was appalled, then extremely angry. So much so that I fired off a letter to my Congressman who won the Bronze Star and 2 Purple Hearts in Viet Nam.

I am asking every one to send a letter to their Congressperson and Senators asking for the firing of Gen Shinseki who heads the Department of Veterans Affairs and all hospital administrators.

Granted not all did it, but we need to send a message that our veterans need to be treated with more dignity and respect.

This act is also a violation of the First Amendment, Free Speech. This is based on the "War on Christmas" and political correctness (PC). As for me I am getting extremely tired of watching my country being destroyed by this current administration.

Here is just a sampling of the reports on this issue.




Join me, my brothers in making our voices heard by our elected officials. We need to start the long journey to regain our country.

The Gunny
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