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Keith Brownmiller

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Veterans thoughts?

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Originally Posted by Keith Brownmiller
Veterans thoughts?
The DAV has done very well for my wife, but in the begining it was a challenge for her, we had to see so many doctors at first after her second stroke, and Laurie must of seen 7 or 8 doctors within a two year period, she was frustrated because she kept telling her thoughts over and over again, mentally she was drained and the long term memory wasnt there, she couldnt even do simple math , had to learn to walk again, then she got this one doctor and had him for over 15 years until he retired so everything worked out, we both appreciate the DAV they took good care of Laurie which eased my mind too, I /we both donate to the wounded warrior project , and we both want to give back to our vets in everyway we can. Our hearts go out to all vets wounded or not, I feel there are so many vets who should make claims but dont because of pride, and sorry to say some make fake claims and this saddens me and makes me upset all at the same time, Dav is great overall in my eyes , its takin care of us very well and we appreciate this very much
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