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From auctions at Christie's to historic finds on eBay, vintage Apple products - or even components - have a history of taking top dollar among collectors and Apple fans alike.

Such is the case once again today with regard to a fully functional Apple I that still comes with its original packaging. All told, it could fetch upwards of $500,000 next month when it heads for auction.

"The computer, which is in working order, comes from the first batch of 50 computers by Apple’s first client, the Byte Shop," says Radhika Sanghani, of the U.K. Telegraph.

It is known as ‘No. 46’ and will be auctioned on November 16 by AuctionTeamBreker of Cologne, Germany.
Earlier this year, another 1976 Apple 1 Computer sold for a record £437,746 at auction. And this will likely be no different, especially with the clever marketing at work behind the scheduled auction.

"It is being billed as ‘Straight from Steve Jobs' Bedroom’ as it appears in a photograph of Jobs’ bedroom in his parental house, with a stack of identical boxes," Sanghani writes.

Source: U.K. Telegraph
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