Keith Brownmiller
While waiting outside the Pearly Gates, a soldier, a sailor, an airman, and a Marine get into an argument about which of the armed forces is best. Saint Peter butts in and tells them to cool it--he'll ask God and get back to them. The next time they see Saint Peter, he's got a letter in his hand, and reads to them aloud:


TO: Soldiers, sailors, airman, and Marines

RE: Which service is best

Dear members of the armed forces,

I've been watching and here's is what I think. All branches of the United States armed forces are truly honorable, courageous, well trained, and capable.

Therefore there is no superior service.


God, USMC (Ret.)
The Gunny
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Rick Holly
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Keith Brownmiller
Alright Rick, keep that up and when you see Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates, just remember that we Marines will be there guarding the gates. Remember that in the old days the Marines guarded the gates of the Navy bases to keep you in and now we guard the gates to keep you out. LoL.
The Gunny
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